dBWav at Aquatic Noise 2019

dBWav at Aquatic Noise 2019

We are excited to be attending the 2019 Effects Of Noise On Aquatic Life (Aquatic Noise 2019) in Den Haag in July where we will be demonstrating Marshall Day Acoustic's new analysis software, dBWav.

dBWav provides a suite of analysis functions for investigating data-heavy audio files. Whether the files are from long term recordings or have very high sample rates, or both, dBWav offers a powerful set of tools to provide one-third octave band sound level processing, calculation of RMS and percentile levels, FFT display, spectrograms, exposure charts and more.

The seed for dBWav grew from Marshall Day's own need for an easy-to-use program to analyse underwater sound measurement data collected using Ocean Instruments Sound Trap hydrophones.

dBWav has been evolving as an in-house tool at MDA over several years as our consultants and software developers worked collaboratively, seeking out the best ways to improve our initial blueprint. dBWav has now emerged from a 6 month rapid development and QA program as a great, user-friendly tool that we are excited to release to the public and demonstrate at Aquatic Noise 2019.

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