Research and Development

In-house research

Our in-house research group coordinates a range of development and research projects.

These projects draw on the unique skills and experiences of our team members, with a majority of projects spanning across offices and countries.

Projects include software tools such as Insul and Iris as well as a number of investigative studies ranging from the acoustic applications of finite element analysis to efficient signal processing and numerical analysis techniques. 

The group also oversees the development of in-house calculation tools for room acoustics, noise transmission and mechanical services noise.  It additionally maintains our collection of technical databases and reference material.

The group meets regularly to discuss the progress of current projects and to explore emerging ideas.

Courses and Seminars

Our technical courses and seminars offer tailored acoustic training and tuition and cover a range of topics including:

  • Acoustics 101, an introduction
  • Applying local and regional noise control and policies
  • Sound insulation theory and prediction techniques
  • Propagation of sound and noise modelling techniques

We also regularly present lectures about acoustics and design at universities in New Zealand, Australia, China and France.

If you are interested in arranging a course or seminar for a group of people, be it large or small, please get in touch.

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