Perth Rectangular Stadium


Cox Bailey & Bailey Woodland Architects



Completion date


In 2012 work began on a major AUD $95 m upgrade to Perth’s specialist rectangular football stadium. The project included replacement of two temporary grandstands, upgrades to seating, new corporate facilities, and pitch replacement.

Scope of Work

Marshall Day was engaged to provide a full range of acoustic design services including noise control, sound system design and broadcast facilities design.

AV Systems

Major upgrades and additions to AV systems were also completed. This included commissioning of two of the largest screens in the southern hemisphere, field of play signage, a new “whole of stadium” sound system, CCTV security system, and FIFA broadcast standard sports lighting. The design brief required that an atmosphere of excitement be maintained in the grandstands. With the aid of computational modelling software precise positioning of acoustic treatment was determined which resulted in a reduction to the extent of treatment in the East grandstand’s ceiling.

Broadcast Systems

Through experience gained on other stadium projects, MDA provided key design input to mitigate the noise impact on nearby residential properties. This included design of a focused pattern controlled loudspeaker system which limits dispersion beyond the venue in order to comply with the urban noise limits. The design provides the full range of sound required by modern sporting event presentation and covers all seating without cluttering the pitch perimeter. The sound system runs on a fully redundant fibre backbone with digital audio distributed to the 9 amplifier rooms. Working within a limited scope, MDA developed a broadcast system design which is future proof and meets the camera position needs of broadcasters enabling all of their equipment set up on day of the event. The project was conducted while the venue was still operational. Using our knowledge of working entertainment venues, we provide valuable input into the staging and implementation of the upgrade.


Marshall Day was successful in contributing original, modern, cost effective design and management to a project with tight timeframes, fixed delivery dates, limited budget, and the aim of providing Perth with its first FIFA standard sports stadium.