Len Lye Centre


Patterson Architects


New Plymouth, New Zealand

Completion date


The Len Lye Centre was developed to provide an appropriate and extraordinary setting for the display of Len Lye art ranging from the ephemeral photographic and film projections to the raucous racket of the large kinetic sculptures.

Our Brief

Marshall Day's scope of services included the external to internal noise control and internal acoustic treatment for all areas including the galleries, cinema and education spaces.

The new building features an undulating stainless steel façade in a repeating koru pattern that evokes the spirit of Lye whilst controlling both sound ingress and egress from the galleries.

Inside the building the façade incorporates the same flowing shape with concrete and an acoustic absorptive ceiling to provide presence and control of sound leaking from one space to another.


One key challenge was to ensure that the design of undulating façade not only met aesthetic requirements but also incorporated sound insulation engineered to minimise noise from the adjacent busy roads.

Additionally, a full acoustic computer model of the space was constructed to enhance the sound in the individual spaces whilst also controlling the degree of sound escaping to adjacent areas.

Tourism and Leisure Property Award - Merit

Property Council New Zealand Awards 2012